What we do best

We are great people doing great work in a fun, supportive “firmily,” where employees feel a sense of belonging, can do their best work, be challenged and make an impact on businesses around the globe. We hire smart, experienced, passionate professionals who are always learning and teaching, technical thinkers who understand the big picture. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, enjoy problem-solving, and new ideas. Through a culture of trust and flexibility, we respect the commitments we all have outside of work. We are committed to leading and shaping the future of tax specialty services by taking care of our clients, our people and our communities.

A comprehensive tax approach that leaves nothing to chance.

Our firm is founded by former Big Four tax executives who set out to build a firm that retains the best aspects of a big firm setting while eliminating the noise that can slow a business down and does not add value. TaxOps fully customized solutions focus on delivering the best and most efficient results for our clients, employees and partners.

Proven Success

Accomplished Teams

Experience and tax intelligence matters when advising on tax decisions that can impact business strategy. We’ve put in the time on our dime to make sure we have the essential business acumen to be a key advisor to public and private businesses of all sizes. Our teams are at the strategy table—and in the weeds—guiding 1,000’s of  businesses through the morass that is tax in every stage of the business cycle. 

No One Likes Unpleasant Surprises

Businesses are no exception


Our fixed-fee pricing options allow our team to function as an outsourced tax department for our clients. With this approach, our clients have the freedom to ask questions whenever they want without being nickel and dimed, or receiving surprise invoices. Our fixed-fee engagements reduce risk and cost for companies while leaving space for more hands-on engagement.

Tax News, Analysis & Events

Get the right set of eyes on your challenging tax issues.

We like what we do, which makes us fun to work with. Don’t take our word for it.