Your confidence in the results we’ll deliver is critical to the success of our relationship. We are proud to share this feedback with you from our clients:

Federal Tax Testimonials

"As a global company, we’ve outsourced tax reporting to TaxOps, including US tax compliance and global tax provisions. TaxOps provides the same level of ownership I would expect from an in-house tax team. They respond like co-workers and I get tax answers when I need them. The TaxOps team meets independently to discuss challenges before bringing tax recommendations and next steps to me. We often go to TaxOps with problems that are not well-defined and get tax solutions as well as an intermediary who talks with states, auditors and customers on our behalf."

Anna Kinna, Director of Finance, Invinity Energy Systems

"We have typically found that audit and tax professionals at a single firm rarely work together. By using an audit firm and a separate tax firm, we control the direct flow of information and are able to keep TaxOps up to speed on our business operations and issues all while preserving auditor independence. Although it may seem like more work for our operating companies, we have found it easier and much more effective and efficient for us to explain our business to TaxOps rather than having these discussions done internally within a single firm, which can lead to interpretation differences."

Andy Kober, Executive VP and CFO, BCI Broadband

“TaxOps has put together an excellent team of professionals that are experts at both a federal, state and local level and can assist in international matters, as well. I have found that the team stays abreast of the business issues and various strategies of a company and is ready to provide recommendations from a tax perspective. TaxOps is extremely responsive and thorough with their research and advice. “

Paul McKnight, CFO, SPG Solar, Inc

“TaxOps has worked with us on technical tax issues and strategies to generate value within our portfolio companies and grow FKR Acquisitions. By guiding us through tough partnership and restructuring strategies, the TaxOps team has helped put our portfolio companies in a position to be acquired when the right opportunities arise. “

Daniel Frydenlund, Chairman and Founder, FKR Acquisitions

“The services provided by TaxOps have always been delivered on a timely basis and in a very professional manner. Most importantly, however, is the firm has been very responsive to a wide variety of tax questions that we bring to them, demonstrating both depth of knowledge together with a high level of client service.”

Gary Zuiderveen, Director of Financial Reporting, PowerSecure International, Inc

“We have found TaxOps to be way above just a tax provider. I’ve called them for advice on business process and complicated matters involving tax credits in Alaska and North slope jurisdictions. TaxOps stepped in and took the whole complicated process off my plate. It feels like we have a tax expert on tax expert on staff."

Ruth Ann Kraemer, Chief of Accounting/Financial Operations, Linc Energy Operations Inc.

“Accounting Today made a great choice by picking TaxOps as a best firm to work for, and for the same reasons it is a great firm to work with. They are focused on the process of doing what is right for their firm and the customers they support.“

Lowell Wightman, President, Sports & Executive Performance Coach, 360 Mindset

 Tax Minimization Testimonials

“We have worked with Mark Dunning and the TaxOps team for more than three years and couldn’t be happier with the relationship we’ve built. We initially chose TaxOps over other Big Four firms due to their R&D experience, responsiveness and attention to detail. The team works closely with our internal tax department to expeditiously and accurately complete R&D credit work in time for year-end provisions. TaxOps interviewers get in and get out quickly, minimizing disruptions at Ancestry. Additionally, our TaxOps team has had very little turnover, providing comfort and a friendly face to our engineers and IT professionals. TaxOps has also provided IRS controversy assistance with successful results. We are both fortunate and happy to have TaxOps working with us.“

Ed Gwynn, Vice President of Tax, Ancestry

“One Big Four firm stopped pursuing us as an R&D credit client when they learned we had switched from another Big Four firm to TaxOps. The great work done by Mark Dunning, Jamie Overberg, and the TaxOps team is well-known in the industry.”

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the TaxOps team for a few years in connection with several companies. They have done a terrific job identifying the opportunity for R&D tax credits and working with our technical team to get the information necessary while minimizing the impact to our team. They are very responsive and professional. Thanks for the value you provide.”

Bill Guerry, Chief Financial Officer, ThinkIQ

"We’ve been partnering with the A-Players at TaxOps and receiving outstanding service since 2013. TaxOps takes the time to understand our business and how it is evolving year over year. They have been nothing less than invaluable advisors helping us deploy the best strategies to maximize our research and development credits. TaxOps continues to exceed our expectations and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come."

 Ron Zoibi, CFO, Gaggle.net

SALT Testimonials

” As a small company in business for 40 years, we’ve been dealing with sales tax in the state where our office and factory are located. But talking to others at trade shows and listening to Judy, I realized there is the probability that there may be additional state sales tax and possibly income tax liabilities because of nexus. We started trying to figure this out on our own. Then we hired Judy and her team to make sure we are moving in the right direction and doing what we need to do to get us to the point where we can talk to other states and become compliant. Judy helped us select a sales tax software to use that is a good fit for our company going forward. And with Judy’s help, we’ve focused in on states, have communicated with customers, and are doing what we need to do to get compliant. When you have a good guide, the journey isn’t as arduous. “

Gary Williams, Controller, Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc.

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