Businesses selling into the resale, wholesale or exempt entity markets fall under a vast web of compliance duties, with the onus on the vendor to get it right. When it comes to sales tax, businesses are best served to “collect the tax or get the doc,” a document that exempts the seller from collection obligations. 

But in this era of moving pieces, even that simple directive is not easy. Just as in other areas of sales tax compliance, securing sales tax exemptions is far from tidy. Not every state accepts other states resale certificates; wholesalers can’t rely on their vendors to collect sales tax; and, the multistate jurisdiction certificate is often insufficient.

Join sales tax expert Judy Vorndran in this session to get the tools you need to get sales tax exemptions right. Empower yourself, and your clients, by being aware of these and other exemption and resale certificate issues we’ll cover in this webinar so you don’t get caught under audit.

Learning Objectives

  • Basics of sales tax exemptions
  • State-by-state exemption updates
  • Retailer documentation
  • Outlier states


As usual Judy did an excellent job. She marries practical application with knowledge and law so well. She covers a vast amount of info in a relatively short time and graciously shares valuable resource info.

~Cheryl Rinaldi, VonLehman & Company, Senior Tax Manager/Consultant, VonLehman & Company


March 6, 10 am MST / 12:00 Noon EST

Cost: Free 

CPE credits: 1.0 hour

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