Join State and Local Tax experts Alexander Korzhen and Stacey Roberts as they discuss the state tax complexities of the cannabis industry, sponsored by the National Association of Cannabis Accounting & Tax Professionals (NACAT). During this NACAT members-only webinar, Alex and Stacey will cover the following:

  • Highlight applicable state tax concepts for cannabis
  • Survey the various state taxes that may apply to cannabis: sales tax, excise tax, and income tax
  • Take a deeper look at the taxability of the ecosystem (edible/leaf, topicals, supplement oils for hemp, cannabis bits and pieces)
  • Discuss the possibility of tax layering (tax on tax)
  • Unpack considerations around the limitation on interstate commerce (can’t sell across state lines)

Alexander Korzhen & Stacey Roberts

Expert Speakers

State taxes are complicated. Alexander Korzhen takes ownership of the process, cutting through taxpayer frustration and executing in all aspects of state and local tax, typically to the relief of his clients. With 15+ years of solving tax puzzles, Alex is pragmatic in his approach to balancing business risk and cost. Alex anticipates issues and pre-emptively answers client questions to help alleviate the stress of dealing with various state tax issues and offers solutions to resolve them with and for business leaders. Formerly with PwC and Deloitte, he is a frequent instructor for continuing professional education to accounting professionals and business stakeholders.

Stacey Roberts has been making state and local tax less taxing for more than a 1,000 businesses in the last 25 years. Stacey is at the table–and in the weeds–helping guide dynamic businesses through compliance and strategic planning that minimizes risk and strengthens tax positions. Formerly with Andersen Worldwide/Andersen LLP,  KPMG and Deloitte, she has also directed state and local tax for Ball Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. Stacey is a frequent speaker and author on state and local tax issues for industry and professional organizations.

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