Get your CPE hours early in 2021 with this live webinar covering the latest updates in the world of tax. Sponsored by the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Denver Chapter, the webinar is open to members, non-members and students. 3 hours of CPE total beginning at 6:00 pm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

State and Local Tax Trends for Businesses in 2021
Federal Business Tax Issues to Watch in 2021
2020 Individual Tax Update

Federal Business Tax Issues to Watch in 2021

Presented by Davinia Lyon and Lindsay Haskell

Federal tax policy in 2021 is likely to be impacted by large and growing federal budget deficits. A divided Congress is unlikely to raise corporate tax rates so federal lawmakers are sure to look elsewhere to lighten the U.S. debt load. Relief provisions, such as extending the CARES Act, are on the table. How will these factors impact federal tax policy? Listen in as we explore what’s coming in federal tax for 2021.

  • Understand the coming sunsets in the 2017 tax reform law
  • Explore key business provisions about to become more restrictive
  • Discuss remaining CARES Act relief, updates and potential extensions
  • Learn about how the state of transfer pricing is impacting businesses

Davinia Lyon, CPA

Davinia Lyon, corporate partner at TaxOps, brings 25+ years of hands-on knowledge and experience in tax accounting, provision and international tax planning for public and private companies. As a strategic policy consultant, she analyzes the tax impact of new laws and regulations on business strategies to help clients anticipate and adjust to changes. Reach Davinia at

Lindsay Haskell, CPA

Lindsay Haskell, senior tax manager at TaxOps, specializes in corporate, income tax provision and compliance for global brands. She brings order to chaos in managing the many moving pieces that can catch businesses that aren’t paying attention unaware. Reach Lindsay at

State and Local Tax Trends for Businesses in 2021

Presented by Judy Vorndran and Stacey Roberts

The year ahead in state and local taxes promises to be jarring as state budgets drive aggressive tax policy reactions in audit activity and state tax surcharges, surtaxes and other business taxes and credit limitations. The pivot to a democratic administration will also impact the tax reform initiatives at federal and state levels, in conjunction with rolling enforcement in a post-Wayfair world further impacted by budget deficits resulted from the pandemic. And, there are more than a few future trends to keep an eye on with centralized sales tax systems (Alaska, Alabama, Colorado and Louisiana) and the impact of sales tax registration on income tax compliance. Join us as we puzzle through the myriad of state and local tax issues on the radar for 2021.

Learning Objectives

  • Review audit trends and expanding tax bases around nexus, digital goods, streaming and advertising
  • Explore how apportionment and alternate apportionment can catch businesses off guard
  • Understand the business implications of removing protections on interactive websites, as proposed by the MTC’s PL 86-272 interpretation
  • Learn the latest on Colorado and Alaska sales and use tax systems, home rules, and state conversion to new Wayfair standards

Judy Vorndran, J.D., CPA

Judy Vorndran, lead partner of the SALTovation team at TaxOps, has made SALT less taxing for over a 1,000 businesses over the last 25 years. As an attorney and CPA, Judy identifies critical tax issues and navigates the best way forward, freeing companies to concentrate on business strategies confident that taxes won’t slow them down. She advocates for better tax policy and is a governor-appointed member of the Colorado legislature sales and use tax task force. Reach Judy at

Stacey Roberts, CPA

Stacey Roberts, director at TaxOps, is at the table—and in the weeds–helping businesses minimize tax risk and strengthen tax positions in all areas of state and local tax. Reach Stacey at

An additional hour of CPE with Kristina Kesselring

The Wonderful World of Taxation/2020 Individual Tax Update

Learning objectives include:

  • Recognize up-to-date Federal tax law changes and how they will impact taxpayers
  • Describe provisions of new tax law and extenders relating to individuals and proprietorships
  • Reveiw practices, procedures and responsibilities of tax professionals practicing before the IRS

Kristina Kesselring, CPA has a Masters of Professional Accountancy, Tax Emphasis, from MSU-Denver, where she is a full‐time lecturer. Kristina has more than 20 years of public accounting experience. Among providing expert tax, accounting services and consulting, she has demonstrated a niche in estate, trust and gift taxes. Numerous years of experience contribute to many other areas of expertise, including; real estate, construction, restaurant, agricultural, manufacturing, oil and gas operations and investment business compliance and tax preparation. Reach Kristina at

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