Thursday, November 21 was a back-to-back speaking extravaganza for members of the TaxOps team to share their knowledge with practitioners and providers.

Alexander Korzhen and Judy Vorndran kicked off the day at the Future Tax Leaders National Conference 2019 in Denver’s History Colorado Center with a breakout session on tools and strategies for getting State and Local Tax (SALT) right. They focused on consulting solutions that help businesses identify who they are, where they are and how to comply before automating.

Jamie Overberg led the next breakout session of the day at FTL with an in-depth dive into the best practices and nuances of Research & Development credits.

Meanwhile, Stacey Roberts and Judy Vorndran stepped next door to the Colorado Bar Association (CBA), where they led a webinar on gross receipts taxes for Strafford before returning to the FTL conference.

Stacey and Judy ended the day at FTL by bringing conference attendees up to date on trends and compliance issues in state income tax.

Judy Vorndran returned to the FTL conference on day two, Friday, November 22, to moderate a “Best Practices” panel on IRS and State Tax Audits.

We want to thank FTL and Strafford for helping deliver an outstanding day of knowledge sharing in tax, and the CBA for use of a conference room for the national webinar!

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