Join TaxOps’ Stacey Roberts and co-panelists Chris Vignone and Eric Carrasco for a live 110-minute CPE webinar on state taxation of digital goods and services, including cloud computing, cryptocurrency, gaming, and virtual transactions.

Wednesday, July 29 @ 1:00 – 2:50 pm EDT

Many states have enacted guidelines concerning sales tax and digital goods; however, state income tax regulations are either evolving or non-existent. Squeezing digital goods into existing state nexus rules is a growing challenge for SALT practitioners. With the ever-increasing number of digital products and services, state tax advisers must grasp reporting, remittance, and taxation rules in various states.

The breadth of items in this category continues to grow. Music and book downloads, cryptocurrency, cloud software, gaming, and even health services offered digitally can and do create economic nexus in various states. Whether a state has adopted a market based or factor-based nexus standard impacts the application of existing regulations to digital sales. Sales of digital assets into a state, relationships with individuals in a state (miners or agents, for example), as well as the location of a server, can each create nexus with a state.

Most states have established rules for classifying computer software as tangible or intangible property for sales tax purposes. However, these determinations can and do differ for sales tax and income tax determinations.

The panel will review these and other critical considerations:

  • The application of state nexus determinations to specific categories of digital goods
  • How P.L. 86-272 applies to digital products and services
  • Which states are attempting to tax digital products in unexpected ways?
  • What are the standard methods for determining income tax reporting and remittance obligations in most states?

What steps can professionals take to ensure businesses are not subject to unnecessary taxation in specific states?

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