Join Stacey Roberts at TaxOps and Diane Yetter, president of the Sales Tax Institute, as they dig deep into the nuances of local taxation in this session on October 3 at the Enhanced Education Experience live webinar through the Sales Tax Institute.

Local Taxes and Registrations

Home Rule, State Administered and Business Licenses

October 3, 2024 | 12:00 – 2:00 pm ET

2.4 CPE credits | Enhanced Education Experience through the Sales Tax Institute

Home rule jurisdictions are notorious for causing headaches for businesses trying to comply with their rules. They can have their own procedures and often have different exemptions, nexus rules, tax bases, and required forms than those at the state level. But there are also challenges in complying with state administered local taxes (Are you listening Colorado and Missouri?!). In this session, you’ll learn about the nuances of these local taxes as well as those pesky fees that might be disguised as taxes. Which of these could apply to your business – amusement tax, meals tax, bag fees, hazard fees, retail delivery fees and more! And we can’t forget about local business licenses! Learn what’s happening locally with differences between tangible and digital products as well as services. This session will help you mitigate the local tax headaches by equipping you with the knowledge you may be missing about these pesky authorities so you can stay compliant.


Stacey Roberts, CPE
Director, TaxOps
Denver, CO

Diane Yetter, CPA
President and Founder of YETTER Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Chicago, IL

About the Enhanced Education Experience

The Enhanced Education Experience is a set of six, 2 or 3 hour online trainings over six months (July – December 2024). Each session will help you rethink important sales and use tax topics and get up-to-date on legislative changes that are affecting your company and/or clients today. Attendees will unpack the most important sales tax issues through lecture time and Q&A.

Each of these topics will be discussed in-depth in an average of a 2 or 3 hour session to really understand the issues and help you develop practical strategies to apply in your business. In the six part series, you can expect high level educational content via live webinar. You can sign up for the topics you’re interested in or buy the full experience to save over $150!


  • 6 online trainings via Zoom (monthly, July – December 2024)
  • 2-3 hours each (that’s up to 3.6 CPE credits per webinar!)
  • Expert faculty for each webinar topic
  • Carefully curated topics selected for 2024 and beyond
  • Materials provided before each training
  • Live Q&A to finish up each training

Dive into the details about each live webinar below:

Learning objectives

After attending the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Assess how non-U.S. sales may impact state sales factor numerators and denominators
  • Demonstrate how federal GILTI and FDII impact state taxes
  • Apply federal tax treaties to states
  • Analyze state filing methods
  • Consider the potential impacts on the Moore case

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