Tram Le, CPA, J.D. and LLM, at TaxOps delivered an update on sales/use tax economic nexus laws and remote seller developments impacting businesses operating in a multi-state environment to the Texas Society of CPAs Fort Worth. Watch the recording here and learn the state of Wayfair.

Tram Le is a duly licensed CPA and attorney and a member of the Texas Society of CPAs Fort Worth. She works with clients on a variety of state and local tax issues and assists businesses in responding to notices issued by taxing jurisdictions. Tram has represented taxpayers before the IRS and the US Tax Court as well as assisted clients with complex tax issues. She also teaches state and local taxation to graduate students over at the University of Texas – Arlington.

In this presentation, Tram’s update covers economic nexus, Marketplace Facilitator laws, and some income and sales tax automation and related considerations, focusing on multistate updates and sales tax developments in Texas.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of sales/use tax economic nexus laws and related developments under Wayfair
  • Determine potential liability and risks for remote sellers and marketplace facilitators
  • Understand how to handle prior unpaid liabilities and reporting obligations

Listen in.

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