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Fixed-fees upfront

Pricing that works for you

No one likes unpleasant surprises. Businesses are no exception. Consider:

  • A leading cause of business dissatisfaction with their CPAs is unexpected invoices. As hourly charges exceed what expectations, client frustration levels build and relationships sour. Every unexpected invoice a business receives brings with it a potentially uncomfortable conversation about overages and past activity, all taking your focus away from achieving future objectives.
  • Hourly billing practices reward CPAs for billing more hours, not less. Such practices offer no incentive for CPAs to improve efficiency, project management or effective decision making – hallmarks of outstanding service. 

A better way forward

At TaxOps, our pricing philosophy is simple and straightforward. We negotiate a fixed-fee in advance for every engagement that reflects the value of achieving your desired results and objectives. Our structured fees reflect the value you expect to receive and the value we expect to deliver.  This alignment of economic interests strengthens our relationship.  

With pricing behind us, the engagement becomes focused on achieving the results and objectives that drive business and relationship value.