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The SALTovation show is a podcast series featuring the leading voices in state and local tax (SALT). Here we talk about issues, strategies, and planning tools to help you make sense of SALT. Because, in SALT, there is no “one and done.” SALT is a puzzle of ever-changing pieces. Solving that puzzle is our business at SALTovation.

MUNIRevs with Erin Neer

MUNIRevs with Erin Neer

MUNIRevs with Erin NeerHosts & Guests Judy Vorndran Meredith Smith Erin Neer, MUNIRevs TranscriptQuestions asked and answered in this Episode: How did Erin get to where she is today? What is MUNIRevs? Is the product as it is today what she was...

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