Negotiating State Tax Settlements CPE

Join Judy Vorndran and Stacey Roberts for a live 110-minute CPE webinar on available options for settling past state tax obligations, including voluntary disclosure programs, amnesty arrangements, and negotiating settlements for taxpayers struggling to reconcile past debts.

Wednesday, September 23 @ 1:00 – 2:50 pm EDT

Early registration discount deadline, Friday, August 28, 2020


States yield broad powers in pursuing back taxes, penalties, and fees for noncompliance, and sophisticated ways to find noncompliant taxpayers. In selecting taxpayers for audit, auditors may choose taxpayers because of sales volume, nexus, and the complexity of tax returns or based on the occurrence of specific events, such as bankruptcy, location closures, and implementing an online sales platform.

Tax professionals and advisers must place greater emphasis on effective methods for avoiding and managing state tax audits, and more importantly, techniques for negotiating state and local tax settlement agreements.

Listen as our panel discusses effective methods in managing complex state tax audits, approaches to obtaining the best state and local tax settlements, and provides insight on state tax assessment issues under current federal tax law.


  1. Latest state tax enforcement actions and key issues
  2. Key state tax compliance issues
  3. Managing audits
  4. Negotiating settlements and key items of concern
  5. Tax controversy abatement


The panel will discuss these and other key issues:

  • What are standards of review and ways states find noncompliant businesses?
  • How can you manage risk from sales tax registrations and failures to file?
  • What should be on your nexus checklist to avoid tax audits?
  • What are effective tactics for negotiating state and local tax settlements?
  • What are the critical state tax controversy abatement issues and methods to overcome them?

This webinar will provide tax professionals with useful strategies and best practices for managing audits and negotiating state and local tax settlements. The panel will guide advisers on critical sales tax and other state tax compliance issues and current methodologies for conducting internal audits, handling state audits, settlement procedures, and required documentation. The panel will also provide an in-depth analysis of essential areas of concern in an audit and offer tactics for taxpayers to obtain the best tax settlements.

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