Texas CPA and attorney Tram Le joins TaxOps, circling back on a relationship that began in the Rocky Mountains in 2011.

In work and in life, Tram Le is a hard charger. Whether teaching graduate students at the University of Texas at Arlington, managing a family or competing in Spartan obstacle course races, she?s galvanized to reach her goals.

Tram Le joins TaxOps from Texas, where she?s been pursuing a diverse career path since leaving Denver in 2013. As a life-long learner, she?s been drawn in turn to opportunities in public accounting, government and academia, honing her technical knowledge and practical experience each step of the way. ?You need to find work you love because you spend a lot of time doing it,? she says. ?I love sate and local tax. It?s an area where you are constantly learning, it?s interesting and complex.?

Tram is happy to be working with Judy Vorndran again. Judy had hired Tram to join her state and local tax (SALT) team at a previous firm after Tram had completed her J.D. and LL.M. in Tax. “Tram’s combined experience as a CPA and her deeper dive into tax and law were an excellent combination on which to build a SALT career,” Judy says.

Finding Focus

SALT issues come naturally to Tram. ?I went into SALT because in law school it all clicked and made sense to me,? she says. State laws vary, often leading to more than one answer when dealing with SALT issues. Tram says research, experience, and an understanding of the subtleties in the law, rules and regulations is critical to being able to assess the impact of those laws on a business.

In addition to public accounting, Tram spent the last three years gaining valuable insights into how government works, which she pays forward to her clients. At the Government Accountability Office, she assumed a bi-partisan position in reviewing programs and operations of government agencies, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Department of Defense (DOD). At the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), she audited the IRS, examining enforcement and efficiency issues in procedures and operations. ?I understand government boundaries, what they can and cannot do, what they should be doing and taxpayer rights,? she explains.

Each fall, Tram returns to academia to serve as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she teaches highly technical SALT topics to graduate level students. The continuous learning environment helps Tram stay current with tax policy changes and developments in the SALT area. ?It allows me to accurately advise and bring more value to my clients and students,? she says.

Tram is a CPA and licensed attorney specializing in tax strategies for growing businesses. She works closely with clients on a variety of SALT issues as well as responding to notices issued by SALT jurisdictions. She has represented taxpayers before the IRS and the U.S. tax court and assisted clients with complex issues including offers-in-compromise and audit reconsiderations. Tram welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge. Contact us for speaking engagements and authorship requests.

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“The State and Local sales tax team at TaxOps is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and friendly group of individuals. They have been very helpful setting up all the tax requirements for our Company and I really enjoy working with them.”
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