2019 is going to be a great year for niche accounting firms like ours, TaxOps, and the clients we serve. Automation has freed us up to partner with businesses in strategic ways. By specializing in tax and planning strategies, we get to know our clients’ business, their entrepreneurial roots, why they are what they are and where they are. We feel a part of the business, which enriches our experience as tax providers and allows us to deliver greater strategic value to our clients than tactical elements alone. I’m passionate about strategy and my team geeks on it.

This mindset of partnering closely with clients in highly accountable relationships has set our firm on the right path for 2019. It’s a year where the course of traditional and non-traditional accounting firms like TaxOps will further diverge.

Those firms able to change their culture for the greater good of clients and staff will see significant gains and more opportunity. At TaxOps, we do things differently. TaxOps doesn’t have a dress code or office hours. A lot of us telecommute so we can work hard and live life on our own schedule.

We’ve chosen a path we believe in at TaxOps and we’re making a difference with each business we’re privileged to work with. What’s your firm difference for 2019?

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Judy Vorndran can be reached at jvorndran@taxops.com or 720.227.0093. Follow Judy on LinkedIn.