Join Judy Vorndran, TaxOps, as she moderates a panel of state and local tax experts on in-state obligations for international businesses at ABA/IPT Advanced State Income Tax Seminar.

International Businesses and the State Tax Twist

ABA/IPT Advanced State Income Tax Seminar

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Companies operating on a global scale through acquisitions/mergers, multi-country operations, and/or snagging sales tax licenses often find themselves missing the tax trapdoor. These entities often miss opportunities to protect themselves from the income tax consequences. Even if the foreign entity is seemingly tax-free on the federal stage, don’t be fooled. The state tax spotlight is on them and they could still be on the hook for in-state obligations. It’s a tax maze – this session will provide the path to get the cheese at the end of the maze!

Learning Objectives

After attending the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify nexus and related income subject to state income tax filings, regardless of federal filings
  • Explain why taxpayers have so many entities
  • Review how the foreign entity should be classified for state income tax purposes
  • Describe how the 80/20 rule has been applied
  • Explain attribution of income across entities
  • Identify if Tax base is ECI, wordlwide, or treaty based
  • Describe Combined/Worldwide/Water’s Edge filing methodologies
  • Discuss application of gross receipts and non-income-based state taxes


Judy Vorndran, JD, CPA
Partner, TaxOps, Denver, CO


Doris Cordevant, CMI
Manager, International Tax, Emerson Electric Co., St. Louis, MO

Alysse McLoughlin, JD
Partner, Jones Walker LLP, New York, NY

Margaret C. Wilson, CMI, JD
Partner, Wilson Law Group LLC, Princeton, NJ


The Institute and the ABA Section of Taxation will once again host the three annual jointly-sponsored Seminars – one in Sales Tax, Property Tax and State Income Tax. Join practitioners from around the country for one or more of these Seminars that will feature the latest developments and current issues in the state and local tax field.

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