Check closely, and often, when state returns are due. It’s a moving target.

By Alexander Korzhen

While state taxes are unaffected by federal changes in tax deadlines (Notice 2020-18 ), many states are moving forward with tax relief of their own (see New Federal Tax Filing Deadline).

Individual state responses vary. California pushed out its date for filing and payment of state taxes to June 15. Minnesota granted a 30-day sales and use tax grace period for businesses that had a monthly sales and use tax payment due March 20, 2020. Colorado, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have said at the time of this writing that they will adopt the federal relief rules and not require filing or payment until July 15.

State and community filing deadlines are changing quickly, and are not taking the same approach. So, check closely, and often, as dates, penalties and interest parameters are in motion.

  • Confirm with your state tax authority to see about any changes to due dates, penalties and interest.

Contact your State and Local Tax Advisor with questions during this fluid situation.

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