Join Judy Vorndran and Stacey Roberts as they explore the new challenges COVID-19 creates for business taxpayers and tax practitioners in sales and income tax in this 110-minute CPE.

Wednesday, October 7, @ 1:00 pm-2:50 pm EDT

Early Registration Discount Deadline, Friday, September 11, 2020

In this webinar, Judy Vorndran and Stacey Roberts will provide business taxpayers, tax professionals and advisers with an in-depth analysis of where we are and what’s coming in the continued expansion of state tax duties and compliance for businesses. The presenters will discuss post-Wayfair landscape updates and how states have opened new and broader tax pipelines. The panel will also discuss small-seller economic nexus exemptions, retroactive tax collection on out-of-state sellers, marketplace facilitator updates, home rule jurisdictions, and streamlined sales tax efforts by some states.


Evolving state tax laws and regulations have expanded the tax duties for businesses forcing them to shoulder growing tax bills to pay for business disruptions to the economy. Tax professionals must recognize how states expand, demand, and open new and broader tax pipelines to avoid any unintended tax implications for noncompliance.

The landscape of state taxation post-Wayfair and amid the pandemic continues to expand with states implementing new tax rules and regulations to get more money and replenish budgets depleted by COVID-19. Tax professionals and advisers must now identify key state tax issues involving small-seller economic nexus exemptions, marketplace facilitator updates, the continuance of the Home Rule taxes in states like AL, CO and LA, and the impact of Wayfair on income and other taxes.

Also, some states (California and South Carolina) impose retroactive tax collection on out-of-state sellers. Others are working on streamlining sales tax efforts (SST, MTC, Alaska, and Colorado). But, the flip side to the tax grab offers businesses the prospect of some longer-term relief, as state and local jurisdictions continue their work to find ways to simplify sales tax collections.

Listen as we discuss the post-Wayfair landscape and provide updates on how states are opening new and broader tax pipelines.

  1. State tax compliance challenges and recent updates
  2. Streamlining sales tax efforts: SST, MTC, Alaska, Colorado
  3. Retroactive tax collection on out-of-state sellers
  4. Marketplace facilitator liability
  5. Home Rule
  6. Wayfair impact on income and other taxes

Key issues to be discussed:

  • What are the latest state tax laws and regulations that expand the tax duties of businesses?
  • What are the latest updates for marketplace facilitator liability?
  • What is Home Rule and how has it impacted state tax compliance?
  • What states impose retroactive tax collection on out-of-state sellers and what are the compliance obstacles?
  • What are some of the streamlined sales tax efforts and compliance best practices for taxpayers and tax professionals?
  • What impact does Wayfair have on income and other taxes?

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