We are happy to announce that the important work happening through Colorado’s legislative Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force will continue for six more years through 2026.

By Judy Vorndran 

The sunset date for the legislative task force working to simplify Colorado’s complex sales tax regime has been extended for six years. Signed by Governor Jared Polis on June 29, 2020, this mandate ensures that the important work happening to simplify tax duties for sellers will continue through COVID-19 recovery and beyond. I’ve been a member of this task force since its inception.

This work includes two important projects for streamlining tax duties, including:

  • A statewide filing portal for local sales (see Colorado statewide sales tax system for updates)
  • A geographic information system (GIS) to help vendors and tax administrators determine the location of the buyer for sales tax sourcing purposes. buyer, or sourced by destination

The Takeaway 

Although the task force meetings have been put on hold for 2020, the extension of the task force for six years ensures that efforts now underway to simplify Colorado’s complex sales tax code will continue. The task force is mandated to meet eight times before July 1, 2026, with the first meeting occurring no later than July 16, 2021.

Furthermore, over the past 4 years, significant efforts and accomplishments have already been made towards both the GIS and a simplified portal to register and remit home rule taxes. The pause will allow time during 2020 to let the cities and states focus on enhancing and perfecting those new user experiences (see Colorado statewide sales tax system, a work in progress.)

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