Avalara’s Julie Lubetkin, Vice President of Marketing, recently interviewed Judy Vorndran, CPA, attorney, and lead state and local tax partner at TaxOps, LLC, in Colorado. Here are a few things Judy had to say about growing an entrepreneurial accounting firm.

  • Technology and automation are integrated into every part of our business, from how we interact with clients and the amount of time we have to do so to how we get our work done and efficiently collaborate with our team .The more time saved with technology, the more time we have to add the types of value our clients expect and have fun doing it!
  • We moved to value pricing in 2011 and focused on value-added services ever since then. We price our engagements based on our experience and the value we expect to deliver. 
  • At the end of the day, we are in the relationship business. Getting in front of as many people as possible, including accounting professionals, business stakeholders and referral sources, drives our leads. 

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Judy Vorndran can be reached at jvorndran@taxops.com or 720.227.0093. Follow Judy on LinkedIn.