Why is sales taxability so hard to understand? Let’s take a deeper dive into taxability and try to demystify it. This is especially important now in the post-Wayfair world.

Join sales tax expert Judy Vorndran as she explores the myriad of tax issues that dictate taxability to clarify who is responsible when, and what that responsibility means in terms of obligations and risk.

By the end of this session, we?ll have reviewed the concepts necessary to understand:

  • The true objects test
  • Bundling
  • Taxation of services, including the role of the the telecommunications industry and why services are taxed
  • Why shipping and handling is such a pain
  • Sales tax on software, including multiple points of use and maintenance, updates and support
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Professional services?when are they taxable?

Gain an understanding of why states tax some kinds of goods and services and ignore others, often based on largely arbitrary distinctions.


  • This webinar was broadcast live February 19, 2019 and is now available at CPAacademy on-demand.

Let’s talk tax

Judy Vorndran can be reached at jvorndran@taxops.com or 720.227.0093. Follow Judy on LinkedIn.

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