Amy Jacobs

Amy Jacobs, Accountant

Amy Jacobs manages the finances for TaxOps, bringing organization, process and financial analysis to four entities. Amy manages vendor payments and monthly client invoicing and receivables. Amy also tracks revenue, budgets and reporting for strategic purposes.

Previously, Amy served as a financial manager for a non-profit organization, a financial analyst for a commission-based business, and a finance manager for a global satellite communications company.  In the financial industry, Amy served as a customer service contact for performance related inquiries on mutual funds, oversaw daily trade settlements in the Far East markets, and served as a trainer and liaison between business groups and foreign subcustodian banks in Asia.

Amy received a bachelor’s in Finance and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University. After graduation she returned to Boston to work there before moving to Colorado in 1997. Outside of work, Amy can be found on the trails by her home hiking, snowshoeing or skiing the slopes with her family. She loves live music, college football (Georgia Bulldogs and Nittany Lions), and rooting on the Boston Bruins.

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